Microbiological examinations of cosmetics | ProLab Kraków

Currently it is necessary for cosmetic producers to demonstrate adequate safety level of cosmetic product use, among others, by ensuring microbiological cleanliness of their products. In the light of these requirements, cosmetic producers are obliged to order microbiological quality testing of cosmetic products. To facilitate such testing for cosmetic producers, Prolab has expanded its offer to test microbiological quality of cosmetics. We perform microbiological studies following the Minister of Health Ordinance from 23 December 2002, according to client's specifications or according to appropriate norms.:

PN-EN ISO 21149:2009 Cosmetics. Microbiology. Enumeration and detection of aerobic mesophilic bacteria.
PN-EN ISO 16212:2011 Cosmetics. Microbiology. Enumeration of yeast and mould.
PN-EN ISO 22717:2010 Cosmetics. Microbiology. Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
PN-EN ISO 22718:2010 Cosmetics. Microbiology. Detection of Staphylococcus aureus.
PN-EN ISO 18416:2009 Cosmetics. Microbiology. Detection of Candida albicans.